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Early Childhood Education Courses

Building the Foundation for Your Child’s Future

We recognize that early education plays a large role in your child’s later academic success. These studies have shown that quality early education programs cultivate longer attention spans, stronger social abilities, and better language and math skills well into elementary school. In addition, the studies reveal that children who receive quality early education are more likely to graduate from high school, more likely to hold high paying jobs, and even more likely to own their own house.




Aesthetic Medicine: How to Join in On an Exploding Industry

Everyone, it seems, is keen to get on the beauty bandwagon, as it gathers pace around town. A nip and tuck here and there, a set of gleaming white teeth, a reconstructed beak, a new pair of tits, and on it goes. There does not appear to be an end in sight, which could not benefit from a cosmetic surgeon’s touch. Aesthetic Medicine, even, the name itself has been cosmetically constructed to give the appearance of respectability in what used to be termed a question of vanity. We in the west, however, have shed our pretensions to Christianity and the seven deadly sins and traded them in for eternal youth and an abundant materialistic lifestyle.

Aesthetic Medicine

We wish to embody beauty in every decade of our lives; and dress like teenagers even in our seventies. Thus, this new and ever-expanding market is ripe for servicing by businesses and professions across a wide spectrum of industries here in Australia. Dentists are financially enamoured by society’s current attachment to the importance of having a great smile. Similarly, a certain section of doctors is devoted to the plasticity of human skin and its malleability. Correct posture is another way of saying please stand up straight.

Diploma Programs for Medical Practitioners in Aesthetic Medicine

There are medical professionals like chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, who spend their waking hours helping people do just that. Training within these professions can set you up for life in a satisfying and well rewarded career. A university degree in the medical sciences or related fields will, usually, provide a solid and well-paying job, often, for life. The Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine provides Diploma Programs for medical practitioners in Aesthetic Medicine. HealthCert are another provider in this field for GPs to upskill in this space.

The Metrosexual Man is No Longer an Oddity

Beauticians and remedial massage therapists all have an important part to play in the business of looking good and feeling great. There has been an explosion of clinics and health retreats and centres all over the state capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. There are numerous jobs for diploma level therapists in a variety of modalities and healing traditions. Pampering yourself has, now, become an essential daily or weekly ritual for many women and men. The metrosexual man is no longer an oddity, but very much par for the course. Skin creams, which used to be the preserve of fair ladies are now marketed to men with sensitive skin. The tough macho exterior of the male is making way for the delicate pleasures of the foreskin.

Learning a Trade vs. Learning a Profession

We live in a highly specialised world; and never before have job opportunities so closely reflected that reality. Less and less is it a good idea to launch your working life on a wing and a prayer. The knockabout Jack of all trades is fast losing his or her appeal in the job market globally. So, what is your best avenue to success and satisfaction on your career path? It is, also, useful to remember that material success via a job does not always equate with meaningful job satisfaction. Many high paying jobs in fields, like sales, can be pretty soulless after a while. Everyone needs a coffee, but making coffee is not very profitable unless you own the business.

Learning a Trade vs. Learning a Profession

Trade versus profession has traditionally been a class defining divide, with trade on the blue-collar side and professions labelled white collar. These labels are, however, becoming increasingly irrelevant in a modern Australia, which prides itself on its equitability in the twenty first century. University education, has been encouraged by successive governments over the last two decades, via delayed fee payments for tertiary education in this country. Questions are now being asked about this emphasis on gaining a university degree and the lack of skilled workers for a number of industries.

Push for Young People to Learn a Trade

The push for young people to learn a trade rather than go to university is gaining traction. Things like cabinet making can lead places, when it comes to finding a worthwhile career pathway. Although, manufacturing has shrunk considerably over the last twenty years in Australia, there are signs of a small turnaround. More specialised high-tech industries are trying to get a foothold in this country and receiving government support in the wake of the departure of the car manufacturing industry in Victoria and South Australia.

Avoid the Big Debt of Getting a Degree

An analysis of the two training pathways sees above average earnings with no debt at the end for those apprenticed to a trade. A recent News article cited the fact that in NSW there are ten qualified school teachers applying for every single one job being advertised. The odds are squarely in favour of tradies in terms of getting jobs and their training being paid for by their employer. More women in trades is seen as another piece in the economic puzzle in this country, with around only 2% of women in that section of the workforce over the last twenty five years.